About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to respond to the call of the creator of this universe:
“Invite to the way of your lord with wisdom and fair preaching” (Sura An-Nahl 125). We believe that Islam is a religion that spans every facet of our life. We therefore strive for upholding the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah in our life and invite the mankind towards that in the way Allah (SWT) prescribed.


In line with our mission, at this time our primary focus is Bangladesh. We would like:

  • To create a network of communication among the Bangladeshi organizations and individuals in home and abroad who accept Islam as a complete way of life and are working for the common welfare of Bangladesh with a streamlined goal of salvation in the hereafter.
  • To utilize the most of Internet technology so that an individual can play the minimum role of ‘Vicegerent of Allah’, wherever he/she is. Information, views, news floating around the virtual world will be effectively utilized for the self-development of an individual.
  • To encourage the involvement of the participants in the local muslim communities. Experiences, expertise from these diverse communities/organizations will be effectively shared and integrated.
  • To propagate and promote the latest status, needs, and concerns of Islamic activities in Bangladesh and to undertake effective measures to support them. In this context DAHUK will identify the expertise of each participant abroad what he/she can offer to assist the Islamic works in Bangladesh and will make attempts to realize it.

Our Apporach

  • We think true islamic understanding and morals are key to the solution of many existing socio-economic problems of Bangladesh. Therefore we call for individual spiritual development and islamic awareness.
  • Our approach is complementary not contradictory with or redundant to existing islamic initiatives. We do this by identifying common areas of concerns, sorting out their islamic solutions, and finally cooperating existing approaches or taking initiative in a complementary new approach.
  • We would like to promote and cooperate any islamic work in Bangladesh. Hence, we have to work closely with the existing islamic infrasturctures in Bangladesh. We think that the expertise and resources of the expatriate Bangladeshis would be a very valuable aid to these islamic activities. Initially due to our limited resources though, we have to prioritize some projects over others.
  • We solicit the contribution from every individual to his/her own capacity thus making our efforts more inclusive and participatory.


Web Admin Team

Rahim Abdullah, Farid Ahmed

contact: admin@dahuk.net